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Illustration for news: PUNctuate or not PUNctuate?

PUNctuate or not PUNctuate?

How can punctuation marks influence the meaning of a sentence? How can an Oxford comma help you avoid embarrassment? These questions make many of us curious, that is why we started the new semester with a workshop on punctuation “Traffic signals for safe driving,” which gathered more punctuation geeks than we expected.

Illustration for news: Happy new year 2023

Happy new year 2023

The AWC team wishes you happy winter holidays. Thank you for being with us in 2022.

Illustration for news: Retreat? Re: Treat!

Retreat? Re: Treat!

The Academic Writing Center held a unique event on December 16-18 – Writers’ Retreat. The project was initiated by several HSE researchers, who participated in a course at the AWC in spring and were willing to continue writing together.

Illustration for news: How does your audience perceive you?

How does your audience perceive you?

This week participants of the workshop "How to ensure an effective presentation delivery" worked on techniques that help them develop public speaking skills.

Illustration for news: “My way to academic literacy”

“My way to academic literacy”

The HSE AWC completed the traditional course "Language of Research Writing: From Learning to Individual Production," which has been very popular for several years. 

Illustration for news: Revise & resubmit: How to communicate with reviewers?

Revise & resubmit: How to communicate with reviewers?

On December 6, the Academic Writing Center hosted the final workshop by Christine Tardy, one of the world's best-known experts in academic writing.

Illustration for news: How to improve your own text

How to improve your own text

The text is ready. What’s next? Before sending it to the journal, it is worth looking at it critically one more time and brushing it up with the help of self-editing strategies. But what if you are not sure you know how to use these strategies? 

Illustration for news: Collaboration with Writing Centers

Collaboration with Writing Centers

The AWC HSE successfully completed an international collaborative project supported by RELO (Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy).

Illustration for news: We shared the results of research the AWC conducts

We shared the results of research the AWC conducts

On December 3-4, 2022, Svetlana Suchkova ran a workshop “To know what to ‘feed,’ we research in what they need” at the MGU international conference.

Illustration for news: The best Saturday ever

The best Saturday ever

For me it was November 26, when I took part in the AWC one-day course “Public Speaking Crash Course” with the trainer Zhenya Bakin.