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Workshops & Seminars

Previous Seminars


How to Write a Compelling Conference Proposal (16.01.2019)

Formulating a Research Hypothesis (30.01.2019)

International style in academic writing: less is more. Why pursue clarity and avoid complexity (13.02.2019)

Common Mistakes that Impede Text Readability (26.02.2019)

Master Your Academic Listening Skills (13.03.2019)

Features of Academic Communication in Asian World (28.03.2019)

3Cs of Academic Writing in English: Clear, Concise, Consistent (10.04.2019)

Academic writing: improving your sentence structure (25.04.2019)

Writing a Persuasive Cover Letter (16.05.2019)

Coherence in a Written Text (29.05.2019)

Literature reviews and publication process (10.06.2019)

Paraphrasing and Storytelling in Academic Writing (24.09.2019)

Modals in Academic Writing: Functions and Interactive Aspects (30.10.2019)

The Interplay of Language and Identity (06.11.2019)

Interdisciplinary Studies in High-Impact Journals: Cases of Energy Research Publications (20.11.2019)

Speculation through Conditionals and Modals (04.12.2019)

Challenges for Lawyers: How to Write a Research Text in English (18.12.2019)

Discovering the World of Articles or Turning Bitter Enemies into Loyal Friends (03.10.2019)

Academic Writing as a Rhetorical Problem and Strategies for Solving It (16.10.2019)

Previous Years

Punctuation Matters 

Academic Writing Revisited

Pronunciation Power-up: Public Speaking

Some Common Language Problems for Russian Learners Writing in English as a Second Language

Hedging in Academic Discourse: Strategies and Interactive Aspects 

How to Write an Error-Free Article

Strategies for Self-Editing: How to Recognize, Prioritize, and Fix Common English Grammar Mistakes

The Editor’s Perspective: Style and Structure of an Article in Social Science

Be Plagiarism Free – Examples and Strategies

Devil in the Details – Differences in Quotation Styles

Mastering Lecture Skills: Accent and Clarity

Mastering Lecture Skills: Voice and Intonation

How to Avoid Sociocultural Pitfalls Presenting in English

Mastering Q&A Strategies

An Introduction to Academic Argument

Are You Good at Small Talk?

Public Speaking Techniques

Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Self-editing Strategies for Better Writing

Academic Writing Centre Day

Revising in Response to Reviewer Feedback

What drives me crazy when I get your email?

Punctuation matters

Adding elegance to your research paper

Mapping the Scholarly Conversation:  Practical Tips For Academic Research and Writing

Political correctness traps and how to avoid them


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