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Four Levels of Academic Writing

Four levels of academic writing is a compilation of self-study resources on topics related to academic writing and presenting research findings.


When we organized the content, we wanted to make the information easy to find at any stage of writing whether you’re contemplating the idea or getting ready to present the results. The content is structured from simpler to more complicated units. In the beginning, we address basic levels of writing, i.e. lexical and grammatical structures, then gradually move to advanced levels, i.e. the whole text and presenting results.


Level 1: Basic Writing Skills

Structural Elements of Paragraphs

Thesis Statements

Designing a Paragraph

Grammar Requirements


Level 2: Short Papers

Prewriting Strategies

Types of Papers

Article Abstracts

Essential Formats

Guidelines on Style

Punctuation Rules


Level 3: Publishing in International Journals

Publishing in Peer Reviewed Journals

Academic Journals Rating

Peer Reviewed Journals Requirements

Evaluating Sources

Avoiding Plagiarism


Level 4: Presentation Skills

Presentation Structure

Presentation Framing

Rhetoric Tools

Slides Design

Manner of Presenting

Dealing with Questions


We truly hope these resources will make your writing process stress-free and enjoyable!



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