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The Academic Writing Center holds free academic writing courses for HSE faculty and researchers all year round.

We kindly ask you to apply for the course only if you are 100% sure that you can attend all classes and complete all homework assignments throughout the course.

The main criterion for course admission is your motivation letter. We offer recommendations on how to write a strong motivation letter here.

Upcoming courses

Previous courses

Writing a Draft for a Publication

Writing a Syllabus for Your Discipline in English

A Toolkit for Writing Academic Papers

Academic Vocabulary for Social Scientists

Effective Correspondence

My First Preprint (online)

Academic Writing: A Sum of Characters

Academic Writing: How to Write an Introduction

English Syntax for Research Writing

Sociocultural Aspects of Public Speaking in English

Targeting your research for a journal: preparatory stage

Empowering Your Writing in English: Academic vs. General

Introduction to Academic Writing

Writing a Working Paper

Poster Presentation: Way to a Great International Conference

Lecturing in English: Teaching vs Learning

Language of Scientific Writing: From Learning to Individual Production

Fundamentals of Academic Writing: From Sentence to Paragraph

Fundamentals of Academic Writing: From Paragraph to an Academic Text

My Fair Accent

Advanced Emailing: How to Be Polite yet Effective

Writing Academic Articles: Strengthening Your Chances for Publication


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