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Internships at Academic Writing Center

We invite for an internship:

• administrators and consultants of writing and language centers

• teachers of academic English and research writing

• anyone interested in collaborating and developing academic competencies together

The internship includes:*

• Learning about the instruments of language support at HSE

• Examining the Center’s documentation

• Participating in the AWC workshops

• Attending a one-on-one consultation

• Participating in the AWC courses

• Running a workshop

• Working with the Center’s resources

* The interneship program is individually discussed.

Feedback from our interns



"The internship at the Academic Writing Center has left only positive impressions. From the very beginning, I felt full support of the AWC’s staff. They created all conditions for productive work and study, gave access to extensive literature on academic writing and resources.

I used the opportunity to participate in a seminar and individual consultations, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the requirements and standards needed to successfully complete academic assignments. The internship also allowed me to build a network of professional contacts.  I am convinced that the results obtained during my internship at the Academic Writing Center will be very valuable for my future career.

I am especially grateful to Dr.Svetlana Suchkova for her invaluable advice and willingness to share her expertise."

Gulnaz Fakhretdinova, Associate Professor, Ph.D. at Kazan National Research Technological University

Internship period: April 2024






I am ever so grateful to the Higher School of Economics for the opportunity to make a foray
into the activities of its Academic writing center. Even though my internship was officially in a
digital format, I was granted access to the Center’s library resources, as well as the opportunity
to attend lectures and seminars both online and in person. I also had face-to-face consultations
with the Center's director, Svetlana Suchkova, who shared her most valuable experience and
expertise with me. As a gift, I received an entire set of materials on developing skills in academic
writing designed by the Center's staff and graduates of its School of Trainers, as well as templates
of surveys and feedback forms. All of these will be a great help in my further work. My biggest
thanks go to the entire Center’s team for their openness, friendly attitude, and inspiration. I wish
them every success in their much-needed and important work.

Tatiana Mudraya, PhD in Philolgy, Lecturer at Financial University under the Government of the
Russian Federation

Internship period: March 2024



"The internship at HSE Academic Writing Center is a perfect opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of collaboration and pursuit of better results. The internship program is intense, hence my advice is to plan the internship for a longer period of time, for instance for a month. The AWC team is always ready to help find a needed document, an accountable expert, as well as create the right mood. Svetlana Suchkova is an expert who shares her knowledge and energy with anyone aspiring to achieve high results. Thank you very much!"

Inga Zashikhina, Associate Professor,
Ph.D. at Northern Arctic Federal University

Internship period: 2023

"I really enjoyed my AWC internship; it was a well-balanced combination of delicate guidance and truly informative self-study. AWC offers an excellent selection of materials guiding interns towards impeccable academic writing. Svetlana Suchkova is an awesome speaker, a person of profound knowledge and tremendous charisma. She answered all my questions and cleared all my doubts. This mindset changing session has opened the way for a variety of professional self-development opportunities. Now I am willing to share this knowledge with my university colleagues.

And I cannot help mentioning the hospitality of the AWC team, willing to cater for all my needs and wants. My special thanks go to Natalya, Diana, Victoria, and another Svetlana!"

Olga Yudenkova, Director, Office of Academic Translations,
National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Internship period: January-February 2023






"The internship at the HSE Academic Writing Center was an incredible experience: we studied how to work with an academic text in English; we learnt about fundamental differences between Russian and English research texts. We received methodological recommendations for dealing with academic writing, which we can apply in our work. We had meetings with the heads of various departments to exchange experience and agree on further cooperation. We’re very much impressed with the professionalism and dynamism of the Center’s staff. Our special thanks go to the head of the Center Svetlana Suchkova for her openness, willingness to share experience and knowledge with early-career professionals."

Polina Sereda, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at Kuban State Technological University

Internship period: April 2023

“We learned the specifics of the AWC work, studied its language support instruments, as well as approaches to working with researchers. It was great to visit the HSE library and to use a rich collection of AWC resources. A huge advantage of the internship was the opportunity to attend an individual consultation of a researcher with a specialist in academic writing and to analyze their mutual work. I was also very lucky to get a face-to-face consultation with a native English speaker on finalizing my own research paper. During the consultation, we discussed typical mistakes of Russian-speaking authors. Besides, I received excellent tips for improving my own text. I think this experience is invaluable."

Julia Markevich, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at Kuban State Technological University

Internship period: April 2023

"If you are interested in gaining practical experience in how a writing center should ideally operate, then the HSE Academic Writing Center is the right place to go. We had a lot of questions and got all the answers.

Our internship lasted for two weeks: two weeks of professional discovery and the joy of learning.  We were lucky to participate in a one-day course on a research article in a group of scientists. We also met department heads to understand how the whole university system works.

The atmosphere at the Academic Writing Center is unique: professionalism, openness (oxford comma ;) ) and hospitality."

Tatiana Tatarina, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor at PetrSU

"The internship at the Academic Writing Center of HSE University was an immersion into a supportive academic atmosphere created by professionals. It is a well-coordinated mechanism, where qualified employees competently organize academic development for the university staff. Everything is well thought out: courses, seminars, workshops, and consultations. We managed to attend several events of the Center; each of them provided many professional insights. Huge thanks to the Center’s team for the warm welcome, help, openness, and the impetus for professional growth we received."

Liliya Yusupova, Senior Lecturer at PetrSU

Internship period: April 2023




"During the internship, I gained unique knowledge and practical skills that I look forward to applying in my home university. The program was quite intensive: consultations with Svetlana Suchkova, participation in face-to-face and online courses, workshops, and an informal event of "Five-o’clock Tea at the AWC" project. I appreciate that the colleagues shared the Center’s documents: templates for questionnaires and surveys, handouts and reports. They also provided me with self-study books on academic writing, which I will be able to present at my department and use with students and course participants. 

The Academic Writing Center has a rich library of books, manuals, and reference books on academic writing, which I had an opportunity to explore. The textbooks and guides created by the HSE teachers were particularly interesting as they set trends and standards of quality. 

I wish success and prosperity to the Academic Writing Center’s  team and hope to come back for more knowledge."

Ekaterina Khovanskaya, Associate Professor, Ph.D. at Kazan Federal University

Internship period: November-December 2023


"Unfortunately, my internship at the HSE Academic Writing Center has come to an end. I gained new invaluable experience. I learned about the inner work of the Center, the ways the Center fosters academic competence of “Vyshka"’s faculty. The Center staff takes care of every little detail. All the services are aimed at improving the academic literacy of authors: educational content, the analysis of the effectiveness of services, face-to-face consultations, and development of resources. Serious work is being done: courses, trainings, and workshops on academic writing. I’m leaving convinced that all this hard and successful work brings excellent results! More and more new visitors come to the Center, and those who have at least once used its services come back. Research articles are being published in top-tier journals.

I am sincerely grateful to Svetlana Suchkova and her team for their warm welcome, willingness to share their knowledge, their friendliness, a comfortable working environment, and above all - for the new momentum towards my professional growth.

I am returning to my Office with new ideas and plans!"

Evgeniya Khabirova, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Writing Center at South Ural State University

Internship period: February 2020



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