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Internships at Academic Writing Center

We invite for an internship:

• administrators and consultants of writing and language centers

• teachers of academic English and research writing

• anyone interested in collaborating and developing academic competencies together

The internship includes:*

• Learning about the instruments of language support at HSE

• Examining the Center’s documentation

• Participating in the AWC workshops

• Attending a one-on-one consultation

• Participating in the AWC courses

• Running a workshop

• Working with the Center’s resources

* The interneship program is individually discussed.

Feedback from our interns

"Unfortunately, my internship at the HSE Academic Writing Center has come to an end. I gained new invaluable experience. I learned about the inner work of the Center, the ways the Center fosters academic competence of “Vyshka"’s faculty. The Center staff takes care of every little detail. All the services are aimed at improving the academic literacy of authors: educational content, the analysis of the effectiveness of services, face-to-face consultations, and development of resources. Serious work is being done: courses, trainings, and workshops on academic writing. I’m leaving convinced that all this hard and successful work brings excellent results! More and more new visitors come to the Center, and those who have at least once used its services come back. Research articles are being published in top-tier journals.

I am sincerely grateful to Svetlana Suchkova and her team for their warm welcome, willingness to share their knowledge, their friendliness, a comfortable working environment, and above all - for the new momentum towards my professional growth.

I am returning to my Office with new ideas and plans!"

Evgeniya Khabirova, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Writing Center at South Ural State University


"The internship at HSE Academic Writing Center is a perfect opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of collaboration and pursuit of better results. The internship program is intense, hence my advice is to plan the internship for a longer period of time, for instance for a month. The AWC team is always ready to help find a needed document, an accountable expert, as well as create the right mood. Svetlana Suchkova is an expert who shares her knowledge and energy with anyone aspiring to achieve high results. Thank you very much!"

Inga Zashikhina

Associate Professor, Ph.D. at Northern Arctic Federal University

"I really enjoyed my AWC internship; it was a well-balanced combination of delicate guidance and truly informative self-study. AWC offers an excellent selection of materials guiding interns towards impeccable academic writing. Svetlana Suchkova is an awesome speaker, a person of profound knowledge and tremendous charisma. She answered all my questions and cleared all my doubts. This mindset changing session has opened the way for a variety of professional self-development opportunities. Now I am willing to share this knowledge with my university colleagues.

And I cannot help mentioning the hospitality of the AWC team, willing to cater for all my needs and wants. My special thanks go to Natalya, Diana, Victoria, and another Svetlana!"

Olga Yudenkova, Director, Office of Academic Translations,

National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering


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