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Academic Writing Podcasts

Do you have an MP3 player which you carry around constantly? Or possibly you are addicted to your cell-phone? Or even more,  you are engaged into a romantic affair with an iPad? In any case, from now on you can download short audio recordings  from our web-page and enjoy Academic Writing lessons wherever you go.

Academic Writing Podcast is a project which  is aiming at your academic writing skills through your ears. In our short radio shows (podcasts) we will be discussing and explaining phrases which cover most of your needs for composing an academic article. However, the idea is not only  to familiarize you with vocabulary as such but let you practice it! Do not hesitate and re-play the track as many times as you need. Absorb the language, repeat after our announcers’ voices, and finally, bring the new lexis to your own writing. You will find all model phrases with clarification, examples and sample texts in PDF files accompanying MP3s.

We hope to keep rolling in 2012 recording AW podcasts on regular basis. Surely, we will be glad to hear back from you, so do not hesitate and leave comments, if any. The best way to do so is via the HSE forum thread.


Keep your ears open!

Our team






Academic Writing Podcast Database ( pdf file or Excel table).

25 episodes. 237 lexical units. Over 5 hours of sound. 



AWP 24 -  Describing Results Part 1

Download mp3 (6,5 mb) Download pdf


AWP 23 - Statistics Part 2

Download mp3 (6.3 mb) Download pdf



AWP 22 - Statistics Part 1

Download mp3 (7.3 mb) 



AWP 21 - Time

Download mp3 (7.3 mb) Download pdf



AWP 20 - Describing Problems Part 2

Download mp3 (6.3 mb)



AWP 19 - Describing Problems Part 1

Download mp3 (5.2 mb)



AWP 18 - Describing Change Part 2

Download mp3 (5.3 mb) Download pdf



AWP 17 - Describing Change Part 1

Download mp3 (6.2 mb) Download pdf



AWP 16 - Evidence

Download mp3 (5.2 mb) Download pdf

Task A Task B Task C



AWP 15 - Sources Part 2

Download mp3 (5.5 mb)  Download pdf

Task A Task B Task C



AWP 14 - Sources Part 1

Download mp3 (5.2 mb)  Download pdf

Task A Task B Task C



AWP 13 - Cause and Effect Part 2

Download mp3 (5.5 mb)  Download pdf



AWP 12 - Cause and Effect Part 1

Download mp3 (5.3 mb)  Download pdf



AWP 11 - Comparing and Contrasting

Download mp3 (4.7 mb)  Download pdf



AWP 10 - Fixed Expressions

Download mp3 (5 mb)   Download pdf



AWP 9 - Metaphors and Idioms

Download mp3 (3 mb)   Download pdf

Task A Task B Task C



AWP 8 - Phrasal Verbs in Academic Writing

Download mp3 (4.9 mb)  Download pdf

Task A Task B Task C



AWP 7 - Key Adverbs in Academic Writing

Download mp3 (5.9 mb)  Download pdf



AWP 6 - Key Quantifying Expressions

Download mp3 (5.6 mb)  Download pdf



AWP 5 - Key Adjectives in Academic Writing

Download mp3 (3.6 mb) Download pdf



AWP 4 - Key Nouns in Academic Writing

Download mp3 (5.2 mb) Download pdf



AWP 3 - Key Verbs in Academic Writing  

Download mp3 (5.4 mb) Download pdf



AWP 2 - Most Common Academic Vocabulary (Part 2) 

Download mp3 (4.2 mb) Download pdf

AWP 1 - Most Common Academic Vocabulary (Part 1)

Download mp3 (3.6 mb) Download pdf






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