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Key Speakers

Maria M. Yudkevich

Vice Rector at Higher School of Economics

Plenary session "A hat that grows with the head: AWC 's dynamic adaptation to changing university needs"
Svetlana Suchkova

Director of Academic Writing Center at Higher School of Economics

Presentation "Show me the way, and I’ll get on travel"

Workshop "Mend your sails while the weather is fine" with Tatiana Golechkova
Karen Ottewell

Director of Academic Development and Training for International Students at the University of Cambridge

Plenary session "Writing across cultures: Supporting EAL students to develop their discipline-specific academic literacy"

Workshop "Getting published: pitfalls to overcome"
Carolyn Westbrook

Test Development Researcher at the British Council

Plenary session ''The way to a reviewer's heart: What we look for in your article''

Workshop "Packing 8000 words into 250 or how to write a good abstract"
James Corcoran

Assistant Professor of ESL and Applied Linguistics at York University

Plenary session "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: English as the global language of science in a plurilingual world"
Ron Martinez

Diretor do Centro de Assessoria de Publicação Acadêmica

Plenary session "Why is interest in writing centers growing worldwide?"

Workshop "Don't think of writing, think of cooking: Re-genring academic genres"
Elena Bazanova

President of the Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centres Consortium“ and director of the Academic Writing University Center at MISIS

Workshop "'Twist and shout' in research writing"
Heather Belgorodtseva

Trainer at BKC-International House Moscow

Workshop "How to boost your teaching and writing skills though action research projects"
Vera Dugartsyrenova

Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics

Research paper presentation "Facilitating russian faculty members’ pathways to writing for publication in English"
Valeria Evdash

Director of Center for Academic Writing “Impulse” at Tyumen State University

Teaching practice presentation "Improving academic writing skills through scaffolding in the writing center"
Natalia Ivanova-Slavianskaia

Associate Professor at St Petersburg University

Research paper presentation "'Nulla dies sine linea' or how Russian researchers self-regulate their academic writing"
Irina Korotkina

Director of Academic Writing and Communication Center at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Workshop "Teaching writing for research publication purposes: The metalinguistic approach online"
Natalia Popova

Founder of Scientific Translation Lab

Research paper presentation "The 'atrocious' oxford comma: Parallelism and conjunction in scientific English" with Thomas Alexander Beavitt
Tatiana Skopintseva

Assistant Professor at New Economic School

Workshop "The power of rhetoric: Boosting competence in writing through speeches analysis"
Natalia V. Smirnova

Associate Professor and Head of Department of Foreign Languages at HSE Campus in St. Petersburg

Workshop "The skeleton in the closet: Developing a strong argument across a research paper"
Varvara Sosedova

Researcher at Clarivate

Research paper presentation "Why is it a good idea for a researcher to become a reviewer?" with Valeria Kurmakaeva
Ashley Squires

Director, Writing and Communications Center at New Economic School

Workshop "'Am I ignorant or is this badly written?': How to work with faculty from technical fields"
Elena Yastrebova

Professor at MGIMO University

Teaching practice presentation "Support for a novice writer: A three-tier approach"