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Extra Events

Taking time out during the conference to relax and meeting new people are important, that’s why we plan a range of events for conference participants to enjoy.

Editors’ Panel

Panel discussion “Meet the editor”

We are bringing together editors of four prestigious English-medium journals to discuss what makes a truly publishable paper. Join the forum if you want to get the insider information, ask questions, and share your stories.

Our panel discussion covers the key challenges writers face when they seek to publish in prestigious English-medium journals. How to choose the “right” journal for your paper? Why does publishing a paper take so long? What is the “secret” ingredient of a successful paper? What are the pitfalls that lead to a paper rejection?

On the panel:

Natalia V. Smirnova

Panel moderator, Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, HSE University

Sandra Abegglen

Guest editor of the JUTLP Special Issue “Collaboration in Higher Education: Working in Partnership with Students, Academic Colleagues and Others”

Pejman Habibie

Founding co-editor of the "Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes" and of the "Routledge Series in English for Research Publication Purposes"

Natalia Knoblock

Co-editor of the "Journal of Language and Discrimination"

Marina A. Kosycheva

Executive secretary of the "Journal of Language and Education" and of the Russian chapter of European Association of Science Editors

Research Partners’ Date

It is known that collaborative research has higher prospects for publication. The conference will provide an opportunity to find a TEFL research partner. Think of the topic, write it on the board in the conference hall with your contact details, and find a conference participant who is as passionate as you are about the topic. During networking sessions, you can discuss a potential research design while having a cup of coffee together. This may be a good start for your joint research publication journey.

WoS Help Desk

This is a great opportunity to get professional assistance in finding a suitable journal. Get prepared: formulate the topic, state a research question, think of keywords, and write questions beforehand. Prior registration in Web of Science is advisable. We will assist you with formulating an effective search query that will lead not only to finding a journal, but also to making up a list of papers for future reference. We will also define what hot topics your research is close to, so that you could modify it in the future. The number of small group sessions is limited. It’s a first-come-first-served service, don’t miss your chance! Prior registration is necessary. Please, bring your own device to the session.

Paper Feedback Station

Join writing experts and AWC consultants for a 30-minute individual session. Bring a writing sample to work on. Working together with a consultant on a draft paper or a piece of your students' writing, you will get hands-on experience of the tutor-tutee dialog. The aim of these dialogic sessions is to get hands-on experience of how to prioritize feedback, how to point out places of confusion so as to invite writers to evolve their own writing process. Prior registration is necessary.

Join the NWCC

Do you know what the abbreviation stands for? National Writing Centers Consortium! Not a member yet? Learn more about the organization and join the community. It’s high time we combine efforts and make academic writing in English effective at all levels.

Book Exhibition

Book lovers’ must-see! Browse new publications and chat with the agents. Advertise your home-made learning / teaching materials.