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The Wall of Podcasting Fame

Below you will find names and titles of Academic Writing Podcasting main contributors. The project started  in December of 2011, and it took the team nearly half a year to plan, draft, compose, perform, record, change, re-record and publish 25 episodes, each lasting about 10 minutes and accompanied with a  pdf. Now, having heard their voices, you can actually see (!) who was hiding behind the scenes all these months.   

Imanni Wilkes Burg, US

The Queen of Giggles (aka Speedy Talk)

Voice and texts (podcasts 1-19)

Zhenya Bakin, Russia

Jack of All Trades.

Idea; content selection; sound mastering; voice (podcasts 1-10)

Ekaterina Talalakina, Russia

Dr Smarty Smilie.

Expert; text and voice (podcast 11)

Grant Newman, US

The Prince of Tranquillity.

Voice (podcasts 11-16)

Jonathan Harman, New Zealand

The Lord of Improvisation.

Voice (podcasts 17-19)

Kenny Bendiksen, US

Br’er Ti:cher.

Voice (podcasts 20-25)

Emily Ferris, UK

Princess of Accent.

Voice and texts (podcasts 20-25)

Maria Lytaeva, Russia

Lady Methodology.


Nikita Alentyev, Russia

Captain Constructive Criticism.



Elena Martynova
The Holder of Keys and the Mic Stand Master



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