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Face-to-face proofreading

We are happy to announce the launch of proofreading sessions with native speakers of English at HSE Academic Writing Center.


Please read carefully the guidelines below




We will proofread the works (articles, texts) which you have written yourself for academic purposes. This cannot be a personal e-mail.


We want to see pieces of work which are nearly finished.


The service is for researchers / professors only. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with proofreading if you are a student and do not participate in research.




How it works:

As soon as we open registration, you self-register and we send you a confirmation message. We are creating attendance lists on a first-come, first-served basis; however, if you need an appointment on a specific date (within days offered), pick a date. Please, be patient and do not send us e-mails. We are working hard to make this service happen.

Every researcher (educator) will get a 45-minute session with an experienced native-speaker of English. If you are late, we cannot give you extra time.

When you come to our office, you need to bring a hard copy of your article. You will read your work together with the proofreader. The service is educational (!) which means that we want you to know what is wrong with your text and avoid mistakes in future.

The service is time-based (not page-based), which means that we cannot guarantee that you will have time to go through the whole paper. Keeping this in mind, we encourage you to work on your article on your own before you come to us.

You cannot register for two appointments even if you know that you need them but you can put your name on the waiting “extra” list below the table. Please, be patient, other people will be waiting too.



Cancellation policy


In need of cancellation, please, inform us (emartynova@hse.ru) not less than two days before the appointment. Otherwise, your name will be put on the black list for 2 months (as we will have to pay our proofreaders in any case). Google Docs allow you to edit the worksheet, however, please do not do that. (One can find out easily about the changes made by you via revision history) Cancellation is done by admins only.

The service of proofreading is expensive, however, we are happy to invest into your academic success.

Place: Moscow, Myasnitskaya st., 24/7 building 3



Are you ready to rock-n-roll?




Online proofreading service
(at your own expense)


If you are looking for urgent proofreading service and are ready to pay for it, feel free to choose from the companies listed here. 





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