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Academic Writing Center



Welcome to the Higher School of Economics Academic Writing Center.

Our main goal is to provide HSE professors and PhD students who are working on their publications in English with linguistic / academic support. As we know, the process of writing a scholarly article is quite demanding in terms of time and effort. We are trying to make writers’ lives easier via targeted training. The Center organizes courses on different aspects of the English language such as punctuation, grammar, academic vocabulary, academic formalities, etc. Moreover, we expect to see several successful authors at our premises giving lectures on their ways to publications. Finally, we’d like to provide a certain number of HSE professors with an option of one-to-one sessions with native speakers for proofreading and/or tuning up existing articles.







What we CAN:

  • Provide you with high quality seminars on different aspects of academic language.
  • Bring experts who have gone through the turmoil of publication process and would like to share their experiences. 
  • Organize one-to-one meetings with native speakers of English who will  check your works (with the time limited to 45 mins per person). You will be given some recommendations and an overview of your typical mistakes. Please, notice that this is a learning activity.


What we can NOT:

  • We can not edit or proofread your article. Please, use other services (American Journal Experts)
  • We can not translate your piece of writing from Russian into English.
  • We can not find a journal / connections to publish your article.
  • We can not give you a review for your article. 

We desire to locate a written shortcut to your academic success.

Academic Writing Center Coordinator
Jenya Bakin     bakin@hse.ru

Academic Writing Center manager
Elena Martynova     emartynova@hse.ru




Four Levels of Writing

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